Insights Inside

Seth Benzel, Daisy Billowes, Garance Blachier, Guillaume Boubé, Manon Gignoux, Vibhav Kapoor, Sarah Knill-Jones, Matthieu Livrieri, Hadrien Loumaye, Stéphane Monjo, Lou Neveux-Pardijon, Emma Seneze

1 - March 2023

The exhibition Insights Inside is an invitation to discover the artworks of twelve contemporary artists, assembled by choice of heart and presented in an atypical space, as would be a private collection in a house. Shown in a warm and familiar place, out of the traditionally neutral and refined setting, they reveal their uniqueness and create an intimate dialog with the visitors.This experimental presentation plays on the notion of intimacy, through the choice of space and works, to soak up the individuality of each artistic practice. 


4 rue Camille Dunant, Annecy

Du 1er au 7 Mars 2023

Free entry, open every day from 10.am to 8.pm