Artist Presentation

New artist to discover

Jeffrey Otoo

Accra, Ghana 🇬🇭
May 2023

Nous are delighted to welcome Jeffrey Otoo to the agency!

Jeffrey is a Ghanaian contemporary artist, born in 1994 in Accra. He graduated from a BFA in Painting and a MFA in Fine Arts at Kwame Kkrumah University of Science and Technology in Accra 🇬🇭


Jeffrey Otoo explores in his artistic practice contemporary and universal themes : the use of power, our relationship to technology, religion, life and the human existence as whole. In his artworks, he represents cryptic symbols and an animal iconography developed from imitated medallions and chains sold by merchants to create a narrative of mystery and danger which is prevalent in today’s world. His work in totality takes from excerpts of his day-to-day life and what he experiences which he translates it back in his work as paintings of fantasy and imagination. In his work he brings elements from other spaces which would not be together in the real world, in order to challenge logic and create a critical thinking. 


Discover all his available artworks on our website. 

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